About us

Muratoğlu Krom A.S’s the first foundations were laid in 1969 by Ali Muratoglu. In 1969, Ali Muratoglu started his activities in chrome ore production and the company bearing his name become an important player in the chrome mining industry.

In 1981, Ali Muratoglu. Co. founded Muratoglu Transport and Mining Ltd. and continued until 1992 in this sector. After the retirement of Ali Muratoglu, in 1992 Murad Muratoglu established Muratoglu Chrome and Mining Corporation. In addition to production from its own chrome mines Muratoglu Chrome and Mining Corporation has adopted the principle of procurement from other sources as well.

Apart from its own chrome ore production areas new chrome ore areas have been purchased and on these mining areas the exploration and feasibility studies are being conducted in accordance with the latest technology.